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Does Real-name Timeshare Ticket Boost the Transition of Tourism Industry?

2019/9/5 10:42:34
The real-name time-sharing ticket booking system is a breakthrough in the transformation and upgrading. Instead of purely pursuing the growth of quantity, scenic spots are pursuing the development of quality. By improving the quality of tourism and diversified services, we can build a high-quality tourism economy, so as to gain the recognition and support of tourists and achieve a longer-term and more sustainable development. Pattern
Recently, the General Office of the State Council issued "Opinions on Further Stimulating the Potential of Cultural and Tourism Consumption", which clearly put forward the promotion of ticket reservation system in scenic spots, rationally determining and strictly implementing the maximum number of visitors on the day. By 2022, the ticket reservation system will be fully implemented in 5A-level state-owned scenic spots. It can be seen that the introduction of real-name time-sharing booking system in Qiandaohu Lake is a measure to actively implement the national policy, in order to achieve reasonable control of passenger flow, avoid excessive reception load in scenic spots, reduce environmental pollution and destructive pressure, improve tourists'sense of experience, and create high-quality tourism.
As we all know, the number of tourists increases sharply every holiday, which brings tremendous pressure on all aspects of service in tourist attractions, and seriously affects the comfort of tourists. With the popularity of leisure tourism, many families have the habit of traveling regularly. With the broadening of the horizon and the increasing demand for tourism quality, scenic spots need to abandon the previous model and adopt flow restriction, time-sharing booking and other ways to effectively control the flow of passengers.
With the development of information technology and the popularization of mobile internet, online ticket purchase has become the mainstream. Tourists have become accustomed to online ticket purchase, which creates good technical conditions for the implementation of real-name ticket purchase and time-sharing reservation system. At present, Huangguoshu Waterfall, Fanjingshan, Zhuozhengyuan Garden, Lion Forest and other scenic spots in Guizhou have implemented a real-name time booking ticket system, and limited the number of people entering the park every day. Obviously, with the gradual implementation of "Opinions on Further Stimulating the Potential of Cultural and Tourism Consumption", many famous scenic spots around the world will implement new measures such as real-name ticket purchase and time-sharing booking to improve the tourism consumption environment.
What we need to see is that the real-name ticket-buying and time-sharing reservation system will not bring trouble to tourists, but will enhance the tourism consumption experience. Real-name ticket-buying and time-sharing booking system can effectively avoid the phenomenon of swarms of people going to popular scenic spots, guide the public to arrange reasonable time ticket-buying visits according to their own needs and tourist attractions, and then improve the situation of tourists'horse-walking, Flower-Watching and crowded crowds in scenic spots. At the same time, for scenic spots, it is also possible to better grasp the passenger flow situation by reserving platform data, and then conduct in-depth analysis of it, and launch more diversified tourism products to meet the diversified needs of tourists.
China's tourism industry has reached the stage of transformation and upgrading. The real-name time-sharing booking system is a breakthrough in the transformation and upgrading. Scenic spots are no longer simply pursuing the growth of quantity, but instead pursuing the development of quality. By improving the quality of tourism and providing diversified services, they can build a high-quality tourism economy.

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